Next Gen Advisors LLC Announces New Name

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Next Gen Advisors LLC is proud to announce that is has just completed an extensive re-branding initiative and today unveiled its new name and logo. The consulting firm will now be known as Delphi21 Advisors LLC.

The new brand identity reflects the consulting firm’s commitment to providing advanced planning strategies and counseling to family businesses, partnerships and other organizations across the United States and Canada.

Scott E. Friedman, Delphi21’s founder and one of the company’s senior advisors, noted that “the new name is intended to better capture the company’s approach to assisting its clients by blending and applying ancient and timeless wisdom along with cutting edge science from the 21st Century, including from fields such as positive psychology, social neuroscience and behavioral economics.” Friedman further observed that the firm’s unique approach “often leads to a richer understanding of the interpersonal dynamics that undergird a business, which, in turn, helps individuals and their organizations flourish.”

The new name is also intended to better reflect the company’s developing recognition across the United States that is being driven by a group of thoughtful, experienced and passionate advisors, including through the addition late last year of Mary Owen as principal and senior advisor in the company. “Mary brings an array of much valued experience and perspective to our clients through her experience as a longtime senior executive for the Buffalo Bills football team and her ongoing work as a Life Trustee of the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation,” said Andrea Vossler, a Delphi21 principal and senior advisor.

“We are excited about all of the progress and recognition we’ve received through our publications, speaking engagements and client work and felt like we should update our branding to better indicate the expanded scope and breadth of our Team’s expertise,” said Owen.

Eliza Friedman, another principal and senior advisor with Delphi21 noted that the company will also be launching a new website soon that will, among other things, better reflect its developing portfolio of publications, speaking engagements, joint initiatives undertaken in collaboration with the University at Buffalo and other institutions, and positive feedback from its clients.

About Delphi21 Advisors LLC: Delphi21, a consulting firm headquartered in Buffalo, New York, specializes in comprehensive business and succession planning for family-owned and closely-held businesses. Our work is informed by decades of experience in business, law and human relations, and differentiated by applying cutting-edge insights from social neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioral economics. Our unique approach often leads to a richer understanding of the interpersonal dynamics that undergird a business which, in turn, improves its sustainability and growth.